Why Use Free Web Hosting?

When it comes to price, one can get two kinds of web hosting services in the market i.e. the free hosting and the paid web hosting. The free hosting service is provided free of cost by the web hosts. This type of service is generally supported by the ads and is featured with some limited functions. Free hosting services offer either the sub domain or directory. On the other hand, the paid web hosting services generally offer the second level domain. Some services which are provided for free of cost allow the usage of domains which are purchased separately. Free hosting facility rarely operated as domain name registry. A large number of web hosting companies provide the services without charging any costs from their clients and also offer the unlimited space for storage.

In exchange of the free web hosting, the web host can place the advertisements on the site. These ads can be set on the very top of main web page, top of almost every page or even on the page sides. The advertisements are generally not targeted. Also, it is possible that the ads will not match demographics of the web visitors. These ads are also not customized in order to go well with the content on the web page. So, before one signs the free hosting services contract, it is better to ask for the sample sites the company has hosted for free. This way, you can get to know the kind of ads the web hosting company places on the sites. The features that need to be looked for in a free hosting service include:

Are there any pop up ads and banners?
Are the advertisements inappropriate or off topic?
How big are these ads?
Where are the ads placed? Are they located on each page or on some selected pages?

Brilliant features offered

A free site will provide the free templates of the webmaster for the website and the design and useful wizards which take a webmaster through uploading process. Often the free hosting services provide email features and the free domain names with the package. Some of the free host can offer the features like:

Free email accounts
Scripting languages like ASP, PHP and Perl
Schedules processes or cronobs
Features like guest books
Control panel that is totally web based
File transfer facility through FTP
Relational databases like MySQL
Reward systems that offer additional free goods and services
Community and forum resources
No data limitation with unlimited space