The Pitfalls of Free Web Hosting

One of the common types of web hosting service available in the market is free web hosting. As the name suggested, a free web hosting is a web server provided to you without any charge. However, it is really a free service? Unfortunately, I would like to tell you the fact that actually free hosting in 99.99% cases is not offered for free at all. In most circumstance, you should agree to allow banner advertisements to be displayed on your website. That is to say, with your money, time, efforts you have put to generate traffic to your website, you finally only lead your visitors to the advertisements placed by your hosting company.

Even though, there are some possibilities that you come across with some hosting companies that do not place any banners or popup advertisements on your website. There are still some pitfalls associated with the approach of hosting your website with a free provider. This article will list them below and aims to guide you to the right direction while choosing the server for your website.

1. First of all the most important factor of getting hosted by a free web hosting is the loss of credibility and reputation. You should know that your potential clients obtain the first impression of your business simply from your web site. With free web hosting provider, you are given with a long sub-domain name. You are not able to use your own easy to remember and appealing domain name. Since you don’t have your own domain name, your visitors think that your business is not well developed. Therefore, it is very difficult to establish trust and credibility when people visit your online presence.

2. The next unpleasant things which can do harm for your website operation is the limited features. You get what you paid for as the saying goes, free web hosting companies always offer a limited number of features. The lack of some specific features, such as email accounts, FTP accounts, forum tools etc can definitely affect the future development of your online business. Even worse, if you choose some free server, you cannot even have sufficient disk space. That is to say, if you website usage is over that little amount, you website is unable to run properly.

3. Generally speaking, you could expect for shifting to any web host if you are not satisfied with a paid hosting service or if you just want to have your won domain name after you have realize that it is possible for your website to earn incomes for you. However, this is not the case for most free one. Then you could imagine how frustrating it would be. The efforts of such a long time’s hard work would become vanished. What a shame!

4. Now let me show you another common problem that closely connected with free hosting. That is the poor customer service. There is no surprise that free web hosting offers worse customer support compared with paid one. In web hosting industry, since your website is accessible all around the world and it is of high likely some problem may happen to your site. In such case, you will expect there are some technical staffs available to assist you to resolve the problems. Unfortunately, no technical support is attainable for you if you go with the free one. Excessive downtime of your website only results in disappointment to your customers and lost sales at last.

Overall, free web hosting is not a good way to create a successful online business website in the long run. We often say that there is no free dinner, so does free web hosting. However, you can invest just a reasonable amount of money for cheap hosting services. Hostease offers affordable web hosting for different kinds of needs.