Where to Find Free Web Hosting

So, you want to create a website, stake out your territory on the Internet and contribute. You bought website building software, maybe even purchased a domain name. Now you have to shell out more money just to host your website?

There are several companies that offer website hosting for no charge. You do need to be careful, though. The old adage, “You get what you pay for” often applies. Often, but not always.

At first look, this type of hosting seems like a promising deal: free support for your website, letting you effectively earn money and conduct business without any hosting costs involved. However, take a look at the implications, advantages, and disadvantages of using this type of web hosting.

Free web host providers are generally supported by ads: banner ads, pop-up ads, text link ads, top/bottom ads, frame ads, are all standard fare of free web hosting websites. You need to decide whether or not it is worth it to have ads promoting your hosting company on your website. Will visitors to your website tolerate these ads, or will they decide to move on?

The answer really lies in how you intend to use your website. Do you want to sell something on your website, promote a hobby, or what?

Free Web Hosting for Businesses

If you want a business website, one designed to appeal to clients and attract customers, you probably would not want these ads spoiling not only your business image, but effectively driving clients, disgusted by the pop-up spam, away. After all, there are plenty of other websites your visitors can go to.

Even if you use your website to display a hobby or a personal blog, these ads can occasionally get on your nerves. Are the few dollars a month that you save worth the frustration and irritation of incessant advertising appearing on your website?

Can You Trust Your Web Host?

Reliability and uptime are keywords in the web hosting industry, of which most free web hosts tend to lack both. Free web hosts usually lack a dedicated customer service. This means that your website might just disappear in the middle of the night and it can take up to weeks for it to get back online.

This also means a loss of visitors, traffic, and some of your regular visitors may think your website has been shut down. The consequences for a website, especially a business website, are unthinkable.

Where Can You Get Free Web Hosting?

Does this mean there is no role for free web hosting for a proper, serious website and budding website owner? A quick Google search will easily turn up hundreds of free web hosting providers. How do you choose the best free web host?

Consider these questions:

1.) Does the web host make you display their ads? If so, how many ads will be run on your website?

2.) How much space do they give you? This can range anywhere from between 50MB to 700MB. The more space, the better.

3.) Does the hosting company offer anything besides hosting services? Again, this will depend on what you want to do with your website. For instance, the hosting company might offer a free website builder or a forum for people who use that hosting company, which could save you a lot of time and money.

There are web hosting options that do not require you to put up with unwanted ads, small website space, or extra fees. Decide what you want to do with your website, then shop carefully for a web hosting company that offers what you need and stands behind their services.

Where to Find Free Web Hosting

Why Use Free Web Hosting?

When it comes to price, one can get two kinds of web hosting services in the market i.e. the free hosting and the paid web hosting. The free hosting service is provided free of cost by the web hosts. This type of service is generally supported by the ads and is featured with some limited functions. Free hosting services offer either the sub domain or directory. On the other hand, the paid web hosting services generally offer the second level domain. Some services which are provided for free of cost allow the usage of domains which are purchased separately. Free hosting facility rarely operated as domain name registry. A large number of web hosting companies provide the services without charging any costs from their clients and also offer the unlimited space for storage.

In exchange of the free web hosting, the web host can place the advertisements on the site. These ads can be set on the very top of main web page, top of almost every page or even on the page sides. The advertisements are generally not targeted. Also, it is possible that the ads will not match demographics of the web visitors. These ads are also not customized in order to go well with the content on the web page. So, before one signs the free hosting services contract, it is better to ask for the sample sites the company has hosted for free. This way, you can get to know the kind of ads the web hosting company places on the sites. The features that need to be looked for in a free hosting service include:

Are there any pop up ads and banners?
Are the advertisements inappropriate or off topic?
How big are these ads?
Where are the ads placed? Are they located on each page or on some selected pages?

Brilliant features offered

A free site will provide the free templates of the webmaster for the website and the design and useful wizards which take a webmaster through uploading process. Often the free hosting services provide email features and the free domain names with the package. Some of the free host can offer the features like:

Free email accounts
Scripting languages like ASP, PHP and Perl
Schedules processes or cronobs
Features like guest books
Control panel that is totally web based
File transfer facility through FTP
Relational databases like MySQL
Reward systems that offer additional free goods and services
Community and forum resources
No data limitation with unlimited space

The Pitfalls of Free Web Hosting

One of the common types of web hosting service available in the market is free web hosting. As the name suggested, a free web hosting is a web server provided to you without any charge. However, it is really a free service? Unfortunately, I would like to tell you the fact that actually free hosting in 99.99% cases is not offered for free at all. In most circumstance, you should agree to allow banner advertisements to be displayed on your website. That is to say, with your money, time, efforts you have put to generate traffic to your website, you finally only lead your visitors to the advertisements placed by your hosting company.

Even though, there are some possibilities that you come across with some hosting companies that do not place any banners or popup advertisements on your website. There are still some pitfalls associated with the approach of hosting your website with a free provider. This article will list them below and aims to guide you to the right direction while choosing the server for your website.

1. First of all the most important factor of getting hosted by a free web hosting is the loss of credibility and reputation. You should know that your potential clients obtain the first impression of your business simply from your web site. With free web hosting provider, you are given with a long sub-domain name. You are not able to use your own easy to remember and appealing domain name. Since you don’t have your own domain name, your visitors think that your business is not well developed. Therefore, it is very difficult to establish trust and credibility when people visit your online presence.

2. The next unpleasant things which can do harm for your website operation is the limited features. You get what you paid for as the saying goes, free web hosting companies always offer a limited number of features. The lack of some specific features, such as email accounts, FTP accounts, forum tools etc can definitely affect the future development of your online business. Even worse, if you choose some free server, you cannot even have sufficient disk space. That is to say, if you website usage is over that little amount, you website is unable to run properly.

3. Generally speaking, you could expect for shifting to any web host if you are not satisfied with a paid hosting service or if you just want to have your won domain name after you have realize that it is possible for your website to earn incomes for you. However, this is not the case for most free one. Then you could imagine how frustrating it would be. The efforts of such a long time’s hard work would become vanished. What a shame!

4. Now let me show you another common problem that closely connected with free hosting. That is the poor customer service. There is no surprise that free web hosting offers worse customer support compared with paid one. In web hosting industry, since your website is accessible all around the world and it is of high likely some problem may happen to your site. In such case, you will expect there are some technical staffs available to assist you to resolve the problems. Unfortunately, no technical support is attainable for you if you go with the free one. Excessive downtime of your website only results in disappointment to your customers and lost sales at last.

Overall, free web hosting is not a good way to create a successful online business website in the long run. We often say that there is no free dinner, so does free web hosting. However, you can invest just a reasonable amount of money for cheap hosting services. Hostease offers affordable web hosting for different kinds of needs.

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is not as functional as other types of webs hosting, though they still allow you to be visible on the web. You do not require paying for anything to get free web hosting. Free web hosting providers allow people to use the domain names they have purchased separately and it is normal to get a sub-domain. All these features can be very tempting, but before you choose a suitable free hosting service, understand the disadvantages of using free hosting.

Free things are not always the best and in free hosting, you might end up paying a bigger price than anticipated. As much as free web hosting is offered free of charge, it has numerous limitations if you compare it with other hosting services. If you are searching for a suitable free web hosting on the internet, make sure you read hosting reviews and limitations before you make a final choice. The following are some of the limitations users experience with free hosting.

Since the hosting service is offered free, there is usually a huge competition by users. Users are only given limited bandwidth each month which may not be enough to link to files. It also limits the use of certain files such as ZIP files and MPEG files. There is not guarantee on the amount of up time you will receive. Most users are forced to place Popup adverts on each web pages since it is free web hosting. The features offered by free website hosting are usually very limited; hence not suitable for big online businesses. Free website hosting provides extras such as transferring files using FTP and also use of script languages.

Normally free hosting services are provided in several ways, instant and approved activation, and post and forum hosting. Those who go for instant activation are normally given very little storage space with little bandwidth. All these can greatly endanger your security and you will be at a high risk of being spammed.

For approved activation, you will be given a lot of storage space and sizable bandwidth. However you will only be accessible to a few features which will constantly require updating and approval from the administrators. Most of these administrators employed by free hosting companies are volunteers. This means that they have the mandate to update it or not and you cannot hurry them since you are not paying them to do so. This can be very discouraging for you and your website.

Some free hosting service providers usually require interested to contribute several posts before they are given the free web hosting. Before one is given free website hosting, the posts are first run on points and only those with high points are normally lucky. Another limitation of free hosting is that you may not get a web page because they use this for their own advertisements. What’s more they may not allow files that exceed a certain limit. It is therefore important to review several free website hosting service providers before picking the most suitable one.

Best Free Web Hosting

In this generation high tech gadgets are being used to communicate and relay messages to other people. These gadgets are used by business sectors and even individuals to promote their products and services. For them to incur less time and money they use the net to promote these to a wider range of customers. They use free web hosting for them not to pay expensive fees when using the internet.

Bluehost is one of the best free web hosting companies in the market. The company provides free domain names, and they also feature site promotion packages for you to choose from. It has free ecommerce capabilities, allowing you to set up a shop using the net. Applications also include free forums and blogs that enable you to interact with your clients directly. Furthermore, the company houses a 24/7 support team that can respond to your technical needs.

Go Daddy is next on the list, this web host has affordable deals that allow you to have your domain name registered easily. They provide additional stats and updated add-ons.

JustHost has a great web hosting plan. Their plans can easily be used by businesses and individuals. It deals mainly with customer satisfaction having a 24/7 toll free line. It has an interactive chat mechanism and forums. If you are not satisfied with their service they can give you back your money.

Free Web Hosting Plans Vs Affordable Web Hosting

For some of you, web hosting plans was not as competitive as they are now. But after seeing so many other web hosting companies popping up you start to wonder if you should make a change to a more affordable web hosting service. Maybe even try a free web hosting program that you have seen. Which is better for you?

Affordable web hosting is what everyone wants but you do not want to give up all the things you had with your old host. Some may offer more bandwidth and space to grow your website but how much do you really need. Before you think about moving to a new web hosting you must first find out how much space you are currently using. Some hosting sites can offer you more than you need in order to get you to sign up. Why pay more for something you will never use. How likely will you build a website that is 10,000GB in size. That is huge! Some of the most popular websites out there is not that big so why pay for it. Plus, you want to make sure that the uptime is 99.9% of the time. If not, it can cost you visitors if your pages are not live all the time.

Free web hosting sounds good but what will you really get? Most will not let you use a top level domain or (TLD). That means your URL will look something like this; yourname.theirname.com. That is good for beginners or a personal site for fun but not for real business. Once you get serious you will need your own TLD and that can be a hassle to chance over. Then you will have to deal with having the third party advertising and banners that will be on your web page. That is how they pay for your web hosting. If you do not want other peoples ads on your website then you must pay for hosting.

Another problem with free web hosting is that most will make you have to participate in their forums. You have to post up a comment on these forums regularly or your account will be terminated. They even limit your subdomains to as little as 2 to as much as 10. There are some decent free hosting out their but their is always a catch. Your site could be pulled if you do not generate enough visitors to your site fast enough. They will gladly delete your account and give it so some who can bring traffic to the advertisers.

This is why I prefer affordable web hosting plans. They give you more control of your website. If your site doesn’t generate traffic right away you will not have to worry about having your web hosting service cancelled with no warning. You will also be given more tools to help grow your website and make your site more user friendly. Reliability is also something you get with paid hosting. They want to keep you as a customer so they will do more to keep you satisfied. Free web hosting can be crappy on purpose in hopes that you will upgrade to the paid service so you might as well get an affordable web hosting plan that fits your needs.

The Limits of Free Web Hosting

If you would like to start a website, but do not think you can afford the costs involved, perhaps you should consider free web hosting. Many of these free services actually provide a great level of functionality and are a great way to get started on the web. Some of these free services will allow you to use a domain you have bought elsewhere, but many will give you a sub domain or directory of your own, but not your own domain name. Even though for some small websites free hosting is a viable option, it is important to know the limitations that come with choosing this option, before you make your choice.

You will not be able to use as much space as you can with paid hosts. You will find that you are limited in terms of disk space and bandwidth. This is not too important if you only have a small personal website for a few people to view, but for larger websites it would not be good enough. You will not be able to hot link to files and may not be able to include video and music files, as they will take up too much space.

You should also be prepared that many free hosts will present their own adverts on your site, in the form of banners or pop ups. You will have to ask yourself if this is something you are OK with. Free web hosts may not be able to guarantee the same level of uptime as paid versions. Most paid hosts will guarantee 99% uptime. Of course if your website if not up, no one will be able to see it. It is all not all doom and gloom however, free web host services often provide an easy to use control panel and some will allow the inclusion of scripts and the uploading of files via FTP.

There are several different kinds of free hosting such as instant activation, approved activation, forum hosting and post for hosting. Each one comes with its own limitations. In the case of instant activation you will usually be provided with extremely small disk space and bandwidth. Unfortunately there is also the risk of being spammed.

Approved activation sites will generally get more space and bandwidth, although there are not usually many other features. You will have to wait whilst an administrator validates your application. This helps the company to avoid spam sites and generally makes the company higher quality.

Other hosting companies require something in return for the free hosting. They may want you to post a certain number of times in their forum, before you will receive an account.

Although different free services offer different things, it is only really worthwhile considering this option for a very small site, where you do not require much control. If you are planning on having many visitors, or running videos or images on your site you should think about paid hosting. This will be far more secure and will give your visitors a much more positive experience overall.

Simple and Easy to Use Free Image Hosting

Free image hosting is a great tool for anyone needing to upload photos to the web to share with others. There are many uses for free image hosting from pictures for message board posts, eBay auctions and more. If you need to upload an image quickly for whatever reason, all you need to do is find one of the many free image hosts available on the web.

There are many different types of image hosting websites. Some are subscription based and some are free. Most free image hosting websites are usually simple and very easy to use. Subscription based websites usually offer more features like photo albums and require users to sign up.

Some prefer free websites because of their simplicity. Free websites offer a no fuss, simple and easy way to upload pictures quickly. All you have to do is go to the free website and upload your photo and get your link, there is no need to sign up for user accounts. People who need to quickly upload pictures for Twitter, forums, eBay or websites will find these websites very useful. There are many of these types of websites online, if you need a place to upload pictures, it shouldn’t be hard to find one.

Also, free image hosts are a great way to help save bandwidth and money. Instead of hosting your images on your own server you can upload them to a free website and host them from their server. It is important to note that you should not upload important photos or upload all your images for your website on a free website. If the website’s server goes all of your images will not be shown. Free sites are used more for quickly uploading images for forum posting, auction listing and more!

Free Web Hosting Versus Paid Web Hosting

We all like not having to pay for things. It doesn’t really mean we shouldn’t, but with these hard times, getting something free is happily received. But what about web hosting? Will using a free web host (plenty around) end up causing you more pain and suffering than its worth?

In a simple word. Yes… and no. You need to ask yourself, what are your intentions?

If you plan on running a blog (and nothing more) than a free host is fine – that is, a free host that is not plagued by problems or run by a time-poor 15 year old student. These types of free hosts eventually go down sooner or later. Truth is, most free hosts go down sooner or later. I mention one below that seems to have stood the test of time and is consistently reliable.

However if you want to start a forum, these types of websites start growing “out of control” quickly to the point your free hosting may not be able to cope after your forum starts growing in popularity. It is quite a hassle to move these kinds of websites as they are so complex by their nature. When it comes to free hosting, you have to get a little nitty gritty and think technically. Is the website script you are running, or are the websites you are planning to run (if multiple) going to start growing to the point the limitations of a free host start interfering? And how easy it to transfer these sites away?

If you are thinking that your sites may grow, and they probably will be painful to move, then you definitely do NOT want to use a free web host. Simply because you will have to move. If your script or website is quite simple, then sure, use a free web host for a few months until your site begins to grow, then move later – that’s if its simple to do so or you have the skills to execute the move with relative ease.

My “safe list” of the kinds of sites you can run on free hosting:

General blogs with pictures etc. Short movies only.
Small forums.
Help desk software.
Small shopping cart sites with few products.
One page “sales letters” type of sites
Any kind of website with less than 30 pages that don’t require extreme amounts of advanced configuration that also require little resources to run.

What you absolutely cannot run on free hosts:

File hosting websites (including image hosting)
Any kind of resource-intensive scripts like proxy websites
And obviously you want to avoid adult content depending on the host’s owners.

If what you are doing is not resource intensive (say a basic website with pictures, and an “about us/contact us” page etc with your telephone number, you should be perfectly fine on a free host. Its just once your website grows you will get into growing pains and will have to move. If you were after free hosting, you can check out this excellent free web host [http://www.instantfreehosting.com] (they don’t put advertisements on your website either).

Cpanel and Its Uses in Forum Hosting

The Internet today is one of the best ways of communicating with customers. It is flooded with numerous hosting sites which help you in uploading the websites of the worldwide web. This is essential if you want to market your business and want to stay in touch with your customers and their needs.Many types of web hosting services have different and unique services. Domain hosting is the type of web hosting in which the web host allows you to create innumerable domain names, and websites domain hosting is easier as it helps you in maintaining your websites if you have too many websites.

The success of your business depends on the good domain host provider. The provider or arranges your work in organised and effective manner. There are many companies which charge you for extra domain needs. You should hence avail the services of a good web domain hosting company.which gives you dedicated server space and allows you to make multiple domains for a very less charge. You should also make sure that the web host provides you with good security and sole proprietorship of the domain names. This means that you have an authorised and valid domain name registration. The most attractive features of LINUX based platforms in the presence of C panel.

Cpanel hosting can have many attractive features such as checking your website’s performance, managing your e-mail. It helps in keeping spammers and hackers away from your e-mail, in order responding and also in managing, the e-mail accounts associated with specific domain names. Backing up files is easier using the C panel. It also helps you in transferring your files by file transfer protocol. You can upload any content from your computer to the internet by the file transfer protocol account. It also provides the features of the main management in the form of subdomains, parked means and redirects. It also provides security by making your accounts password enabled. Cpanel hosting is being increasingly used for all these attractive features which help you in managing your account better.

Cpanel users have the liberty to set up blogs and forums. Forum hosting is a great way of bringing people having similar interests and opinions on a common platform. Generally fantastico is used for setting up forum posts. You can also make use of phpBB hosting as it is free of any cost. However, it has certain drawbacks which restrict its features. Therefore you can pay of small fee and make use of better features in phpBB forum hosting instead of paying large amounts when you exceed your urgently resources. You can add to your revenues by advertising, ad sense is a common tool used by many for advertising. Make sure you choose a good hosting company which is reliable and also start a forum about a topic in which you have in-depth knowledge.